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Modelling the Supply Chain

There are a number of different modelling techniques that have been used to model the supply chain. The articles and links here will review some of the important models that have been used in supply chain management.

Logistics Network
An efficient logistics network is important to companies that have to move their items from manufacturing locations to retail outlets as cheaply and efficiently as possible. This means having a logistics network that has been designed to take into account the location requirements of labor, markets, transportation, as well as other political aspects such as state incentives, and tax variations.

Route Planning
For logistics businesses the rising cost of fuel has meant that they need to become efficient in the way that they plan their transportation routes. The traditional methods of route planning do not address real time events that affect businesses every day. This article looks at how modeling can create successful route planning.

Measures Of Warehouse Productivity
Warehouse productivity is a number of measurements that management will analyze to monitor the performance of their warehouse operations. The basis of many of the measures used in warehouse productivity is based on how much it costs to perform an operation. is article looks at a number of measure used in warehouse productivity.

Logistics Network Modeling
When a company is designing its new logistics network, it will take into account all the location elements such as customer market, labor pool, quality of life requirements, and government incentives. When these elements have been analyzed, it is possible to create models which give companies more of an insight into the choices that make.

Value Chain Model of Tomorrow
Small to midsize consumer products companies are subject to the same macro economic trends as their larger competitors. This article discusses why small and midsize businesses should examine the new demand driven supply chain models and why they are better equiped to take advantage than their larger competitors.

Operations Research for Supply Chain Model
Pressured by raw material suppliers and demanding retailers, chemical manufacturer Rohm and Haas saved millions of dollars by using operations research to organize its supply chain model. This article discusses the ways Rohm and Haas used operations research to define its supply chain model for the Performance Polymers division.

Change Management Plan
Change Management Plan

Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR)
The Supply Chain Council has adopted a model that us a cross-industry standard diagnostic tool for supply-chain management. The Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR) is a management tool and spans from the supplier's supplier to the customer's customer. This article is an overview of the SCOR model and explains how the model can be applied to your business.

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